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Julie Dodsworth is an artisan British designer who works alongside the Dodsworth team based in North Yorkshire. She is known for her creativity & designs which have been taken by the best of British manufacturing. 
As a Lifelong artisan i have been taught to create to a craft and trade. I was lucky enough to be apprentice trained and was brought up through the ranks in the world of floristry and horticulture.  
Carefully watching my seniors and practise, practise, practise. Creating with flora uses multi senses -your work must have harmony of colour and balance, fragrance and shape. 
Likewise so much of homemaking crafts can use a skill requiring many of our senses . . . with gardening and cooking often using all five! 
My artisan painting is most certainly more two dimensional with only the colour and balance of motifs that come into play. But like all artists and artisans the secret of success is that we must look and not see, listen not hear, feel not touch, taste not eat and breath and not smell. 
Focusing our senses to maximise our skills. But more than all of this a pleasing piece of Design isn't what you see, touch or taste . . . but about how you feel, and that lovely moment of achievement when you make your ideas part of your story and your business. 
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